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Rifleman Matthew Wilson, 21, of 2 Rifles, received the Military Cross for running to protect a wounded comrade in a deadly game of cat and mouse in which he was shot in the head.Rifleman Wilson, of Aberystwyth, ran forward into open ground in Nahr-e Saraj to help his colleague, who was shot in the leg, when a bullet glanced off the top of his helmet knocking him unconscious for 30 seconds before being shaken awake.Insurgents tried to shoot down a casualty evacuation helicopter so Rifleman Wilson dodged a hail of bullets to find cover and return fire and stood on a wall to point out the insurgents' firing spot to an incoming Apache attack helicopter.He added: "When I got up, the insurgent who shot me knew I was still alive so he kept on firing at me.Unfortunately, the anonymity of the internet makes it a perfect place for con artists to hide their real intentions while trying to entrap their victims under the guise of romantic interest.

Ms Uzbek, who claimed refugee status in Skaraborg county on the western coast of Sweden, had a stroke when her application for asylum was rejected in June and is now totally bedbound and unable to see, speak, or walk. Ms Uzbek, who is barely able to communicate and has been lying unresponsive in her bed since the deportation decision was reached, was one of 17 members of her family to make the long and exhausting journey via Germany where she was given a wheelchair.

The family say she is physically unable to survive the trip back to Afghanistan and have filed an appeal for her to stay in Sweden to live out the final period of her life. " Mohammad Uzbek, Bibikhal Uzbek's grandson, asked Al Jazeera. She doesn't see, she doesn't speak, she doesn't walk. Sweden’s Asylum Agency recently drew criticism for testing converted Christian asylum seekers about their knowledge of the religion.

Along with technical questions about their faith, they are tested on the difference between Orthodox and Protestant Churches and how many parts there are to the New Testament and quizzed on details about the sacrament.

So I started pegging it." Rifleman Wilson then continued with his four-hour patrol.

In total, 107 service personnel were honoured yesterday, with many tales of remarkable bravery including: an officer singled out as "the principal architect of an extraordinary momentum of transition in security responsibility" to the Afghans; a sapper who worked to clear a supply route of homemade bombs after one of his colleagues died and four others were badly injured trying; and a captain who fought in more than 50 high intensity battles and who returned to Afghanistan despite almost dying three years ago when his neck was shredded with shrapnel.

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We were crossing a ditch when the shooting started.

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  1. Still more encouraging was the establishment of an Armenian section in the Graduate Faculty of the University of Tehran in 1970. The Armenian contribution to the overall configuration of the 20th-century Iranian society, both culturally and economically, is significant.