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The discovery is also unusual because it gives a more complete picture of the person.Scientists believe this find is a gravesite, and the artefacts show the Vikings both as combatants and as participants in a civilized economy, where women generally ran the farms and everyday life while the men were out and about.But the ground at the archaeological site is acidic, with abundant water flowage—not especially good for preserving organic materials, says Ystgaard.The archaeologists have high praise for the finder and the landowner.This Viking may not have travelled all this way himself, but he at least had contact with someone who did. The weight of the silver was what counted, and if you needed change, you just cut off a bit of a coin.The measuring weight found in the shield boss may show that transactions were carefully calculated.Here they uncovered the remains of a burial and several more discoveries.Nearby they found two bronze pieces of jewellery that likely served as costume clasps and that appear to have belonged to a woman.

The shield remnants are part of a burial ground from the Viking Age that are now being analysed at NTNU’s University Museum.They have had positive experiences with Trondheim’s Metal Detecting Club, but not everyone who is out with a metal detector behaves as they should, and they risk destroying findings.Magnus Meistad was out with his metal detector last year, actually looking for coins when he made the discovery.The story is revealed when you see all the parts of the discovery in context, but the sword is what that fascinates people the most.“This is a ‘no-nonsense sword’,” says Vennatrø, as he shows off the full-length weapon.This sword was not made for ceremonial use or decoration.

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He was found in August 2014, in Skaun in Sør-Trondelag county.

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